Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rachel Weisz - A Beautiful and Fashionable Brunette

A popular brunette in Hollywood would be Rachel Weisz. First noticed in the movie The Mummy, showing a fresh look with a touch of malice. As a brunette, she admits that love, how to choose different outfits to go with the color of your hair beautiful.

Here are some things that Rachel Weisz fashion watches.

1. She likes to experiment with colors. Brunettes have no reason to fear the turquoise tank or bright red jacket. There is not enough pigment in the hair to absorb all colors. Brunettes can wear black, white or anything else.

2. Take precautions in the use of colored ice. This is because the colors are very pale, ice may not be enough to compensate for the hair. You can always use these colors, but you can change colors, more pressure to choose.

3. Choose white to black in all cases. Because it is the color of your hair flatters effective.

4. Do not be afraid to use occasionally a scarf. Try using lunar tissues to break the color of your hair.

5. Make sure your clothes match ended. If your hair is brown or red tones of gold, then you should wear bright coral blush or bronze. Use a bright pink suit or berries to your makeup, if you have tons of ash in their hair.

If the look of Rachel Weisz, then all you do is raid your wardrobe record of all colors, and then fix their hair and wear a scarf because it’s true: brunettes get all the fun.

Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz
Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz
Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz
Rachel WeiszRachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz

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